Thinking about buying Landscape Stone? It’s so easy! We have a certified truck scale…just drive on with your vehicle, pick out the stone you want, once it’s loaded in your vehicle, drive on the scale again. All done!

We carry a large variety of Natural Landscape Stone. Click on the images below to see a larger image. (Not all items are in stock. Depends on availability).

Aqua Blue Boulder

Arctic Rainbow Boulder

Barnstone lg pieces

Barnstone sm pieces

Beach Flag Sandstn

Blue Irregular Flag

Briar Hill Sandstone

Brownstone Flagstone

Canadian Marble Boulder

Candy Rock Pastel

Image coming soon

Chilton Border Stone

Chilton Flagstone Stepper

Image coming soon

Chilton Wall Shims

Chilton Wall Stone 2-5″

Chippewa Flagstone

Chocolate Stone Flag

Cut Bluestone Flagstone

Feather Rock Boulders small

Feather Rock Boulder large

Field Boulders

Field Boulders

Flat Weathered Fieldstone

Fondulac Border Stone

Fondulac Wall Stone 3-5 inch

Fondulac Flagstone Stepper

Grand Mountain Creek

Lava Rock Boulders small

Lava Rock Boulder large

Lilac Irregular Flagstone

Image coming soon

Lilac Tumbled Steppers

Image coming soon

Lilac Tumbled Steps XLG

Marble Georgia Pink

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles large

Midnight Blue Flagstone

Mountain Green Flagstone

Oak Flagstone

Ohio Top Rock

Old Windsor 8″ Wall

Pearl Mountain Mica

Pearl Mountain Mica Green

Red Bluff Boulders

River Skips medium

River Skips large

Rocky Mountain River

Rose Flagstone

Rose Quartz Boulder

Royal Gorge Boulder

Sandstone Curbing

Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek Wall 2-4″

Sandy Creek Outcrop

Seneca Blue Wallstone

Seneca Tan Wallstone

St Lawrence Rainbow Flag

Sunburst Pebbles

Tan PA Flagstone

Thin Grey Flagstone

Thin Grey Wall Stone

Tumbled Bluestone Border

Image coming soon

Tumbled Blue Steppers

Tumbled Blue Steppers XLG

Turquoise Veneer Boulder

Wisconsin Step


As the name implies, Natural Landscape Stone are natural products. Therefore, each piece is unique. These pictures are intended to give you the general idea of what each type looks like.

Prices subject to change without notice

  1. Valerie

    I’m looking for a ‘boulder’ of mica, a rock with mica flakes on it. I want to use it as an accent for a flower garden. When I Googled Mica, your page was one of the selections. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Brian

    Hi Valerie,
    I have hundreds of beautiful Mica Rock boulders. They are white and pink granite with veins of black mica throughout. I attached a picture here… If you’re interested you can give me a call at (413) 657-9626


  3. HeatherLion

    Hi! I will be getting goats come spring 2014… I need a large, non-expensive rock to help wear their hooves down so I won’t have to trim their hooves as often.

  4. TheRockPile

    Hi Heather! We have tons (pun intended) of large field boulders. We also offer delivery and placement if you need that as well.

  5. Scoolman

    I need a large pumice stone “feather rock”. i am using it to build a background inside a vivarium enclosure. The enclosure measures 37″ long by 20″ deep by 12″ high.

    I would like large stones to fill about 1/2 that space.

  6. TheRockPile

    Hi! Thanks for checking with us. Right now, we only have much larger feather rock boulders in stock. We normally get a whole variety of sizes in with our spring shipment. Be sure to check back then. Thank you!

  7. Keith

    I’m installing a pond. I need a large stone with a 1″ bored hole in it for the waterfall. Can you do that?

  8. TheRockPile

    Hi, I’m sorry, we don’t offer drilling or cutting.

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  10. Chuck Jeter

    I am looking for rock to aquascape an aquarium. I really like your candy rock pastel; however, I am from South Carolina. Can you please tell me what type of rock it is, so I can try to find it locally. Thanks.

  11. cody

    Hi I’m looking for some lava rock to aqua scape a aquarium is there a price per pound I’d like some idea before I make the 2 hour trip up

  12. TheRockPile

    Hi! Our Lava Rock Boulders are $0.70 per pound. Hope this helps!

  13. Drew

    HI I am looking to build a backyard RC Crawler course and would like to know the cheapest med to large stones that you have? Thanks

  14. vince cilia

    Hi I would like to purch 1x20ft container to build a waterfall with large rocks/boulders

  15. Shawn

    I would love to buy some of your rocks/boulders, do you have a distributor near Lagrange, Ga.

  16. gabe

    Hello I would like to know the price per pound of the feather rock boulders small?

  17. Regina Peterson

    I love the addition of stone in a yard. My favorite one out of all these pictures is the Mexican Beach Pebbles large. They are definitely something you would find on the beach, and so I like the feel it gives off.

  18. dan

    Hi, What is the largest Pumice rock you can supply? and what price is it? Also will you ship to the UK?
    Many thanks

  19. Jorge Cortez

    Where i can find a available rocks for landscaping in Santa barbara?Any Suggestions please.Thanks

  20. Joe D'Andrea

    How much is the thin grey flagstone?

  21. D&M

    Looking for rocks around this size and color? anybody know where I could purchase such material

  22. harold

    I’m lookin for a heavy lava rock for afire pit
    Do know of any sorces

  23. Dana Bigham

    We live in Rembert, SC on a farm. We have goats and other animals. We’ve been wanting to check into getting large boulders and rocks for out goats to climb and play on. What kind of cost would we be looking at for this? Do you know of any sources near us that could provide these? Thanks for your input and suggestions in advance. Edward and Dana Bigham.

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