Feather Rock landscaping boulders are charcoal gray and silver gray in color. Their irregular shape make them wonderful additions to your area. They are products of a rare volcanic occurrence, formed by a molten lava flow which trapped air that later escaped during the cooling stage. They are very porous and easily carved, and very lightweight.

They are perfect for flower beds, rock gardens, waterfalls, walls, flower pots, and more!

If you are planning on carving or chiseling, make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves as the shards are very sharp. Soaking your Feather Rock on water before carving can reduce the amount of flying debris.

The boulders are sold by the pound.

Feather Rock Boulder

Feather Rock Boulders small

Also available: Feather Rock Planters are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, or any day!

These planters have drilled holes to accommodate either 4 inch or 6 inch pots, so it’s super easy to drop in your favorite plant to create a beautiful piece of art.