Gary K and his wife built this Pondless Waterfall. Just awesome!

From Gary, explaining how he built his Pondless Waterfall:

…what we used to make the pondless waterfall was landscape boulders, river stone and some perennials from The Rock Pile. The total time to build this waterfall designing this waterfall. As my son said, it looks like a miniature Niagara Falls. I wanted this to be the centerpiece of my relaxing backyard. The pondless waterfall is next to my gazebo glider and brick firepit. My backyard is designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, also have a couple raised vegetable beds and fruit bushes.

The building consisted of these steps.

  1. Lay a concrete pad for the foundation
  2. Concrete blocks to build the form
  3. Lay old carpet then the pond liner over the form
  4. Digging a large hold for the water container to be used for collecting the water and using a submersible pump to run the water back up to the top of the waterfall
  5. Running PVC pip from the pump around to the back and up to the top of the waterfall box
  6. Adding perennial plants and grasses
  7. Covering the reservoir with expanded metal then adding river stones on the top for the water to filter through to the pump
  8. Adding boulders surrounding the front of the waterfall to finish off my tranquil backyard.

…Thanks in part to The Rock Pile.

A great project and a beautiful addition to a peaceful backyard oasis!

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