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Creating a beautiful living space is a function of adding those special touches to both your home and garden with the perfect home accents.

Bringing the beauty of nature into your home creates a peaceful space. And when you carry your theme from your indoor space into your garden, then magic happens.

We have some really unique lines of indoor and outdoor furniture and home accents to add some earthy charm.

Warehouse 2120 Teak Furniture


“Our unique furniture starts its life as a fishing boat in Bali. Across Indonesia, fishing boats are an integral part of daily life. They are hand carved from teakwood and painted vibrant colors. Over time, the sea takes its toll on these boats, but the wood remains strong with a beautiful natural patina. Our fair trade suppliers step in to save the wood, providing the fisherman with extra income in the process The boats are salvaged and taken to our studio where the wood is used to create our custom line of furniture. The years of layered paint, weathered by time and elements, help create striking, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Our upcycled furniture benefits fishermen, the environment, and your home. With every peice of furniture, you wonder about the people it carried on board and almost sense the heat of the sun, smell of the beach and the sound of the waves. What will you experience?”

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Warehouse 2120 Teak Furniture

Teak Root Furniture

Created in Indonesia, these Teak Root pieces are made from sustainable teak sources, and are one of kind treasures.

Teak Root Bench

Home Accents

Beautiful and unique wall art, paintings, geodes, and more.

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