We’re a full service Garden Center and we share a passion for plants, (trees, evergreens, deciduous shrubs, perennials, annuals or whatever they may be) and the magnificent beauty they give us throughout the changing of seasons. This passion of embellishing these changes in plants and seeing their other traits, which we can honestly portray, relates to the finest of customer service.

We are a complete garden center and all of our plant material is the finest of quality, very hardy and hand-picked from our local growers. Every plant is personally cared for: watered (no overhead watering), pruned if necessary, fertilized on a weekly basis, so you can be assured that you are receiving the finest quality available anywhere. We stock over 300 different varieties of trees, shrubs and evergreens. Our perennials and annuals are too numerous to count because of the constant weekly changing of new arrivals, along with herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets, porch & patio container gardens, nooks & crannies, ground covers and more.