Preen: When, Where & Why

The best way to control weeds in the garden is to prevent them from getting started in the first place. Preen weed preventers have specialized formulas to keep weed seeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers and around trees, shrubs and more.

Pruning Early Bloomers

Pruning is generally done for the aesthetics of the plant, not the plant’s survival. So with this in mind, pruning is largely optional. Yeah! More time to spend with mom on Mothers’ Day Weekend! Plants that are best pruned now include forsythia, pussy willow and red twig dogwood.

Organic Gardening in Pots

You want to start an organic garden but don’t want to jump straight into the garden and onto the big scale. We have exactly what you are looking for. With our Dr. Earth Potting Soil you can start your plants inside or outside the house inside a pot.


Lovebirds are small, feisty birds native to southwestern parts of Africa. Their small size, low noise level, and aptitude for tricks, makes the Rosy-Faced Lovebirds, also known as the Peach-faced Lovebird, a very popular choice for a pet bird.