Bird Feeders

The Rock Pile is your wild bird feeding headquarters. We carry premium bird feeds, including blends exclusively made for The Rock Pile.

We are a Droll Yankees 5-Feather dealer, carrying a broad variety of many high-quality feeders and houses by Droll Yankees and many other lines.

Bird Feeders

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Aspects Medium Antique Brass Quick Clean Base

Quick-clean removable base allows feeder to be thoroughly cleaned. Unbreakable, weather resistant polycarbonate. Seed deflector enables birds to reach every seed. Raised ridge edge to divert rainwater. Lifetime guarantee for years of enjoyment.

Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder

17.5 in. Green Thistle Spiral Feeder. Birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders! More ports means more birds. Birds love to Run The Spiral instead of flying to another perch. Lifetime warranty on workmanship and normal wear and tear. Aluminum and stainless steel parts. Squirrel-proof- patented locking lid- just twist and lock those pesky…

Classic Oriole Feeder

Classic oriole feeder Attracts all kinds of orioles Built-in ant guard Easy to fill and clean; dishwater safe Measures 8-1/4-inch length by 2-3/8-width by 8-3/4-inch height

No No Cardinal Feeder

NO/NO® Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder features a charming red color and provides a large feeding area for a variety of birds. Durable feeder is made of all metal and can stand up to squirrels and other pests. Feeder is easy to fill and clean and will keep birds happy all season long! Feeder Specifications: Dimensions 11.5″…

Pinch Waist Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds using bright red as a lure Made of hardened glass bottle, the Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder is clear and shatter-proof The feeder has 4 feeding ports with built-in bee guards, a 4-way perch and 8 ounces of nectar capacity Unscrews easily from the feeder base for quick cleaning and filling Measures…

Droll Yankees Onyx Finch Magnet

Attract twice the amount of finches with Droll Yankees Onyx Clever Clean 12″ Nyjer® Seed Finch Magnet. It’s the world’s cleanest feeder with twist and release removable base technology and rust resistant powder coated metal tube. Twist and release base ensures easy cleaning, every time Rust-proof, heavy duty steel mesh tube is powder-coated in black,…

Droll Yankees Flipper

Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Feeder The Most Entertaining Squirrel Proof Feeder Ever! The interior chamber of Droll Yankees’ Flipper is designed to direct seed into the seed ports.  All four feeding ports are easily accessible via the perch ring.  And now for the entertaining part… birds will not set it off, not even larger species like woodpeckers and Cardinals, but…

Droll Yankees Tipper

Yankee Tipper Attract ground feeding birds with Droll Yankees’ Tipper! Now you can enjoy watching birds that would normally feed at ground feeder without the hassle of feeding squirrels!  The Tipper features a 10″ diameter weight sensitive feeding tray that tips under the weight of a grey squirrel but can hold the weight of up to four…

Droll Yankees Whipper

Droll Yankees Whipper Enjoy songbirds as well as Cardinals with the Whipper! Droll Yankees’ Whipper features four seed ports with individual weight sensitive perches.  The curved perch positioning encourages Cardinals and small songbirds to eat, but prevents squirrels from feeding.  Each perch is individually sprung calibrated for birds up to the weight of a Cardinal, approximately…

Droll Yankees Dipper

Droll Yankees Dipper Encourage small songbirds with Droll Yankees Dipper! The Dipper will not only prevent squirrels from eating all your bird food, but it will also prevent large birds as well!  The Dipper’s four seed ports have individual weight sensitive perches that have been sprung calibrated for birds up to the weight of approximately 2…

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  1. I didn’t see a price online for the classic Baltimore oriole bird feeder? Can you please tell me how much it is?

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