Amy, Curiosity Officer at The Rock Pile, has a passion for learning and all things quirky and fun.

How to Make a Geode

by The Earth (as told to Amy)

1. Create a cavity deep within an existing rock. You can do this 2 different ways: either by trapping a pocket of gas (or water) in cooling lava, or – if you’re so inclined- bury something inside a rock that will decay (wood, coral or dissolvable minerals) and leave you with the cavity you require. Think of it as a mini-cave, and a cave as sometimes a giant geode.

Bird of Month: Robin

Ahhh, the Robin. Industrious, cheery, energetic; frequently found by listening for their bright, clear song. Their early appearance at the end of winter signifies the seasons WILL change, spring IS coming, and all is in order. The American Robin can be found in towns, cities, mountain forests, Alaskan wilderness…. pretty much everywhere.

Bluebirds Returning to Ohio

Some of our customers have reported seeing Eastern Bluebirds in their yards recently! They (the birds, not the customers) normally are south at this time of year and return in early spring. So if you’re lucky enough to host a few, treat them right! Given their choice, bluebirds eat insects and worms in the warmer months and…

Snowy Owls

A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird? –Edward Hersey Richards With all the recent snowy owl sightings lately, picking the bird of the month was easy! While you can’t attract…

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Feed Fresh & Dry

You may have noticed that we’re having some weather! In order to make winter a little easier on your outdoor friends, make sure the food you put out stays fresh and dry. Here are three low-maintenance ways to give the birds your best. Weather Dome:  The 12″ diameter Weather Dome by Aspects is molded of…