Sep 112012

Love bulbs and container gardens? You’ll LOVE this!

A few years ago we talked about container gardening with bulbs, and customers loved the results.  Follow the tips below and you’ll have great results come spring!

Pick your bulbs

Start by getting a couple of different types of bulbs, with varying heights and colors.

Pick your container

Then, choose a container with drainage holes and place a thin layer of stone or pebbles at the bottom for extra drainage.

Pick your dirt

Fill with your favorite potting mix (Baccto, Dr. Earth or Garden Magic) to the planting depth desired for your first layer of bulbs (the proper depth is generally twice the height of the bulb).

Plant in layers (keep an eye on depth!)

Plant one layer of bulbs (with the pointed end up) and cover with soil.  Water thoroughly.  Repeat this planting for as many bulbs as you have, or as long as you have space in the pot, keeping in mind the planting depth of each bulb.  Make sure to leave 1 to 2 inches at the top of your container for watering and water your container thoroughly. This layering will give you an outstanding show of blooms in the spring and a bulb container gardening showpiece.

Repeat as desired!

Using multiple pots of varying sizes will allow you to create a composition.  Varying heights will add dimension and remember the rule of odds.  Groupings of 3’s or 5’s look better than 4’s and 6’s.  Now is a great time to plant fall bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils because they will require 10 to 15 weeks of cold treatment to get them into bloom.

Park ’em

So, after planting your containers, put them in your unheated garage or shed and forget about them until spring when they begin to sprout.  Take the container outside and water  when needed.  This is great for anyone who does not have the time or the room to plant bulbs.  Whether you love bulbs or are a first-time bulb planter, container gardening will aid in your bulb education, helping you out for years to come.  So go on, experiment, have fun and plant!

Plus, now is a perfect time to try this type of gardening because all of our containers are on sale! 

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