Aug 302012

Are you getting the most out of your backyard hobbies?

Books and magazines for the bird and garden lover not only offer great ways to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor passions, they help reset your mind to take opportunities to be engaged in your hobby.

We know you love your garden and those feathered friends that come to visit your backyard… so why not learn more about how to make your yard even better?  The Rock Pile carries the right reading material for you.  Whether you want to identify what birds are coming to your feeder or want even more in depth information on specific species, check out our birding books.   Want the latest information about gardening?  For everything from planting basics to hot new plants perfect for your garden, take a look at our gardening magazines.  Hey, the kids have been doing their summer reading lists for months now and back to school doesn’t have to be work, you now get to read about the things you love and how to make the most out of your home.  So pick up one of these fantastic reads today and feed the birds, your plants and your mind all at the same time!

Why read gardening or birding magazines (or books)?

  1. You can learn great tips from the experts.
  2. Find out when birds are migrating or if the early spring will effect your harvest.
  3. Wow your neighbors with timely knowledge.
  4. It’s a great way to spend an evening outside with some old-style reading material.
  5. Identify migrating and native birds at your feeder.


  • Birds of Ohio Field Guide = $12.95
  • Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America = $19.95
  • Bird Watcher’s Digest = $3.99
  • Birds & Blooms Magazine = $3.99
  • Ohio Gardener Magazine = $4.95
  • Dr. Earth Gardening Guide = FREE!

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What’s your favorite gardening or birding publication? Comment below!